Board of Directors

CAMA’s Mission Statement (adopted January 27, 2000)

The purpose of CAMA is to enrich Santa Barbara’s cultural life by the presentation of a variety of live performances by world-renowned performers and orchestras at the highest level of artistic excellence. Our mission to serve the community includes a commitment to expand and enrich audience appreciation and education through various forms of media and to offer associated music outreach programs to the widest possible audience.

Robert K. Montgomery, president
Deborah Bertling, first vice-president
Craig A. Parton, second vice-president
William Meeker, treasurer
Joan R. Crossland, secretary

Bitsy Becton Bacon
Edward Birch
Jan Bowlus
Daniel P. Burnham
Stephen Cloud
NancyBell Coe
Bridget B. Colleary
Robert J. Emmons
Jill Felber
Joanne C. Holderman
Judith L. Hopkinson
James H. Hurley, Jr.
Peter O. Johnson
Elizabeth Karlsberg
Lynn P. Kirst
Frank E. McGinity
Raye Haskell Melville
Stephen J.M. (Mike) Morris
Patti Ottoboni
Andre M. Saltoun
Judith F. Smith
Sam Toumayan
Judith H. Writer

Catherine Leffler, president, CAMA Women’s Board
Emeritus Directors
Russell S. Bock*
Dr. Robert M. Failing
Mrs. Maurice E. Faulkner*
Léni Fé Bland*
Arthur R. Gaudi
Stephen Hahn*
Dr. Melville H. Haskell, Jr.*
Mrs. Richard Hellmann*
Dr. Dolores M. Hsu
Herbert J. Kendall
Robert M. Light*
Mrs. Frank R. Miller, Jr.*
Sara Miller McCune
Mary Lloyd Mills
Mrs. Ernest J. Panosian*
Kenneth W. Riley*
Mrs. John G. Severson*
Nancy L. Wood
* deceased

Mark E. Trueblood, executive director
Elizabeth Alvarez, director of development
Linda Proud, office manager/subscriber services
Justin Rizzo-Weaver, director of operations