Board of Directors

CAMA’s Mission Statement (adopted October 19, 2017)

CAMA’s mission is to enrich Santa Barbara’s cultural life by bringing live performances by world-renowned classical artists and orchestras of the highest artistic excellence to our community and by providing creative, focused music education programs for individuals of all ages.

CAMA’s Centennial Statement (adopted September 28, 2017)

CAMA’s presentation of live classical music performances featuring world renowned artists and orchestras over the past 100 years is testament, not only to its founders and successors who have upheld their commitment to enrich Santa Barbara’s cultural life, but also to the citizens of our community who have supported our legacy. Through war, drought, fire and change, CAMA has continued to grow and to expand its community education programs. Today, CAMA continues to enrich the lives of the Santa Barbara region and its visitors, so that we can all experience and enjoy classical music through live performances and educational outreach of the highest caliber for future generations.

(As of October 30, 2019)

Robert K. Montgomery, President
Deborah Bertling, First Vice-President & Chair, Centennial Celebration Committee
Craig A. Parton, Second Vice-President
William Meeker, Treasurer
Joan R. Crossland, Secretary

Rosalind Amorteguy-Fendon
Marta Babson
Isabel Bayrakdarian
Bitsy Becton Bacon
Edward Birch
Jan Bowlus
Daniel P. Burnham
Stephen Cloud
NancyBell Coe
Bridget B. Colleary
Christine Emmons
Jill Felber
Joanne C. Holderman
Judith L. Hopkinson
Elizabeth Karlsberg
Raye Haskell Melville
George Messerlian
Stephen J.M. (Mike) Morris
Patti Ottoboni
Carl Perry
Judith F. Smith
Judith H. Writer

Deborah Bertling, President, CAMA Women’s Board

(As of October 30, 2019)

Russell S. Bock*
Dr. Robert J. Emmons
Dr. Robert M. Failing*
Mrs. Maurice E. Faulkner*
LĂ©ni FĂ© Bland*
Arthur R. Gaudi
Stephen Hahn*
Dr. Melville H. Haskell, Jr.*
Mrs. Richard Hellmann*
Dr. Dolores M. Hsu*
James H. Hurley, Jr.
Herbert J. Kendall
Robert M. Light*
Mrs. Frank R. Miller, Jr.*
Sara Miller McCune
Mary Lloyd Mills
Mrs. Ernest J. Panosian*
Kenneth W. Riley*
Andre M. Saltoun
Mrs. John G. Severson*
Nancy L. Wood
* deceased

(As of October 30, 2019)

Mark E. Trueblood, Executive Director
Elizabeth Alvarez, Director of Development
Michael Below, Office Manager/Subscriber Services
Linda Proud, Office Manager/Subscriber Services (2002–2018)
Justin Rizzo-Weaver, Director of Operations

Centennial Circle

Marta Babson
Bitsy & Denny Bacon and the Becton Family Foundation
Deborah & Peter Bertling
Alison & Jan Bowlus
NancyBell Coe & William Burke
Meg & Dan Burnham
Judith L. Hopkinson
Lois Sandra Kroc
Sara Miller McCune
Jocelyne & William Meeker
Mari & Hank Mitchel
Bob & Val Montgomery
Anne & Stephen J.M. Morris
The Samuel B. and Margaret C. Mosher Foundation — Ed & Sue Birch / Robert & Christine Emmons
The Elaine F. Stepanek Foundation
SAGE Publishing
George & Judy Writer
Patricia Yzurdiaga

Centennial Honorary Artists Council

Itzhak Perlman, Honorary Co-Chair
Sara Miller McCune, Honorary Co-Chair

Vladimir Ashkenazy
Isabel Bayrakdarian
Joshua Bell
Alfred Brendel
Renée Fleming
Daniele Gatti
Richard Goode
Hilary Hahn
Stephen Hough
Olga Kern
Lang Lang
Jerome Lowenthal
Zubin Mehta
Anne-Sophie Mutter
Sir András Schiff
Peter Serkin
Leonard Slatkin
Christian Tetzlaff
Jean-Yves Thibaudet
Chris Thile
Michael Tilson Thomas
Dawn Upshaw
André Watts
Pinchas Zukerman