VII. Sunday, February 16, 1947

Plans, Planting Branch Fought ‘Cupola War’ ​ This last article on the Community Arts Association, dealing, as it will, with the Plans and Planting Branch, and how under its guidance Santa Barbara “leapt at the throat of the cupola era”, should spur on a “leap” on bad modernistic [sic] that is threatening to engulf American […]

VI. Sunday, February 9, 1947

Santa Barbara’s Community Arts School Had Widespread Influence​ In Hollywood today products of the Community Arts Association of Santa Barbara cut a real figure. On the silver screen, to name a few, are Tyrone Power, Gertrude Wesselhoeft Hoffmann and Ian Wolfe, who stepped off the Lobero Theater boards into the films. ​ In Walt Disney’s […]

V. Sunday, February 2, 1947

Choral Music Flourished in Santa Barbara ​ One of the first new undertakings of the Music Branch of the Community Arts Association, after the String Orchestra under Roger Clerbois had become established “on its own,” was to engage a man to direct choral singing. Through this activity, as well as its scholarships, the Branch became […]

IV. Sunday, January 26, 1947

Community Arts Orchestra Played Sixteen Sunday Concerts a Season for Four Years​ In the accompanying picture we see the original Community Arts String Orchestra (later known as the Clerbois Orchestra) with Roger Clerbois as conductor. The forerunner of the Community Arts Association Music Branch, today it does not exist but the Branch, with activities much […]

III. Sunday, January 19, 1947

Community Spirit Was Reborn in Work of Presenting Notable Stage Productions​ There was a time in Santa Barbara when it was a common joke that no one’s wardrobe or furniture was safe from the prowling property committee of the Community Arts Players. If a man were so unfortunate as to be the “type” of a […]

II. Sunday, January 12, 1947

Community Participation Led to Santa Barbara’s Golden Age of Development in Arts ​ It was Samuel Hume who named the Community Arts Association while, together with Irving Pichel, directing the production of the two extravaganzas, “La Primavera” and “The Quest.” These open air spectacles in the Spring and late Summer of 1919 were at once […]

I. Sunday, January 5, 1947

Community Arts Association Served City Culturally ​ Scores of newcomers living here doubtless never heard of the Community Arts Association. Yet if they had come to Santa Barbara in the 20’s they would have found it the initiator of everything cultural, the promoter and protector of a city beautiful which came to have a reputation […]